Stickman Archer Online 4 GamePlay:

Stickman has appeared in many games. All of them are interesting and entertaining. This time, Friv games for kids brings you another choice which promises to give you tons of fun. Welcome to Stickman Archer Online 4 - a competition held to find out who is the best archer in the world.

At here, you are a bowman and your mission is to defeat your opponent before being killed. The difficult thing is that you and your opponent stand on a platform as the base, but your base stands still while the opposing’s base moves continuously. You are at a disadvantage, then everything depends on your ability. This game is not a turn-based game, so you can aim and shoot your foe as much as possible.

You have only 2 lives while your opponent has the ability to revive after death. Such a bad new!. However, to survive longer and stay stronger, there are various power-ups that you can collect by shooting at them such as health to refill your health bar, fire to shoot the fire to your opponent, shield to protect yourself and so on. Of course, your foe also uses these items. 

As the game processes, the difficulty increases significantly. A moving wall will appear which prevents you from hitting the target, but it’s not the matter that you have to worry. Are you ready for this fight? Play Stickman Archer Online 4 now and see what your highest score. Don’t forget to play with your friends to have more fun. At http://friv3play.net/, you also can find many great choices related to this game, such as Stick Figure Test Facility. Enjoy!

How to play:

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.