Celestial Fall GamePlay:

You want to deal will challenges, don’t you? Do you want to test your skills by solving the challenging puzzles? Do you feel more satisfied when complete something hard? Celestial Fall will bring you the experience that you want. Simple to play but insanely hard to get a high score, this game will encourage your conquering spirit or drive you crazy with its hardness. How can you put your name on top 10 of the best players in this game?

It can say that only those are the most talented players can let their name appear on the leaderboard. At http://friv3play.net/, getting a record score and conquering the leaderboard is your ultimate goal. The rule is simple, in the high mountain built by various blocks, you lead your Magda monster to go down the hill without falling down the hole along the way. You only can move to left or right to avoid dangers and collect diamonds. Your character automatically move. You observe and react quickly to keep him safe on friv 3 free 

This requires you to pay attention to the road and solve the problem in time to keep your journey going. You will find yourself losing the game several times and can’t go far. If you lose any time in a row, don’t get mad. Try again and this time, you should stay focused. Keep avoiding deadly obstacles while collecting diamonds for special abilities.

How long can you survive? Good luck and have fun! You can have a more enjoyable gaming experience with these following options: Dreamy Land Rescue and Rise Up Space

How to play: Click or tap to turn left and right.

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