Road Of Fury 3 GamePlay:

Great! Road Of Fury 3 is really back with many wonderful experiences at Friv for free. Following the success of the previous versions, this third version promises to bring you many challenges and memorable experiences. I am ready! What about you? This game is a secret and important task of a special agent and president. He was given a special mission to destroy all the terrorists in the desert. These terrorists are extremely dangerous and cruel. Their purpose is to destroy the government and the innocent people in order to win the government.

Therefore, they are trying to destroy the president in any way at Friv online games. With the desert landscape, you will control the car and destroy the terrorists who can appear on the road or fly high. All of them are equipped with modern and professional weapons. Shoot continuously and accurately on the enemy front until they are destroyed. Keep your eyes to observe carefully and avoid being killed by the bullets of the enemy in the battle. 

Besides, you have to be vigilant because enemies can appear everywhere with a large number. Warning! The speed of this game is extremely fast, so you have to focus and attack correctly. Moreover, you have only one life, so be careful with every move. Is it attractive enough for you? Jump into this game at http://friv3play.net/ and put your name on the Leaderboard right now! Follow this list of games and play more with Stone Age Racing.


Use the mouse to shoot down all enemies.

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