Clean Road GamePlay:

Clean Road is a colorful and entertaining drive simulator in which your ultimate objective is to clean the road for civilians trapped in the snow. A big blizzard has engulfed the whole city in snow. Civilians can’t go out because the road is full of snow, from their driveways to the highway. You must help them escape from the ocean of snow. At http://friv3play.net/, you use your snow plow to clean the road from these houses to those houses.

To do that, you have to use your ingenuity to find a safe passage. Without causing a crash, you get this point to the next point. The road is in a total of chaos. All kinds of obstacles will stop your way, from small things to big things. You must drive carefully to avoid them or pass through them to get the civilians’ house. They are waiting for you in their car. Once you clean the snow and open a path, they will follow you until they come to the highway. These cars can crash into you if you can’t go through these obstacles.

So try to find the best solution to deal with them and help all civilians go to the highway safely. On Friv 3 Online, don’t forget to collect coins along the road to unlocking new vehicles which are more powerful and helpful. Each level requires you to rescue a certain amount of cars. Complete all of them to earn coins and unlock the new levels. After conquering this game, you can explore more new gameplay on our site. Some of the best choices for you are Crash and Avoid The Tow Truck

Instructions: Control your snow plow by using your mouse.

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