Drive And Park GamePlay:

Show off your driving skills in one of the most unique and interesting online games that you may have never played before. Drive and Park challenge your reaction and finesse. With easy to use control mechanism, just click or tap to park your car. In a crowded and busy city, finding an empty parking slot is not easy. With the number of vehicles increasing every day, parking spaces become rarer than ever.

At http://friv3play.net/, fortunately, the game offers a lot of empty parking slots waiting for you. Your car autoruns and all you need to do is to grasp the 180-degree swing to park your car whenever you find an empty parking slot. There are two rows of cars parked along the road and you have to park your car accurately without crashing into other vehicles. Don’t take over the slot that a car was parked on it. Otherwise, the game is over. It’s ok if you pass by some parking slots because there are more in the front on Friv 3 Online

Once you park a certain number of cars, you will auto move to the next level. Timing your action is the key to victory in this game. You must click or tap at the right time to park your car. If you miss a few seconds, you will cause an accident. You don’t want this happen, do you? The game not only brings you hours of joy but also can improve your driving skills.

Of course, driving and parking in real life don’t like in the game. Have more fun with Crash and Avoid The Tow Truck

How to play: Tap or click to park your car.

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