Drive Master 3D GamePlay:

Drive Master 3D is a skillful car-dodge arcade game on friv 3. With 3D tracks and different obstacles, you need to focus on the perfect time and arrive at the finish without any crashing at all levels. There are some skins waiting for you to unlock and try. Good luck and dodge the traps! In accordance with the requirements of each level, the collision does not occur under the premise of the car driving to the designated destination.

Game features:

- 3D panoramic view (with rear view), to the player the real driving experience;

- Operation sensitive game control, so that players can grasp every detail;

- contains multiple levels, so that players can try to drive under a variety of road experience;

- Each level of the game player can choose a driving condition, including high-speed, high-speed sections, there are limits, brake failure, driving parking, large trucks and other driving conditions;

- a variety of models available;

Whether you drive a car or not, you can experience and learn the realities and skills of driving in a variety of environments.

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