Epic Car: Transform Race GamePlay:

In Epic Car Transform Race, you'll race in a legendary vehicle! This car has three different forms, bike, car and plane! Each form has a terrain that suits them! In a fierce competition, can you quickly determine which form to use and get to the finish line the fastest? Try this game! The championship is waiting for you! Have fun! Enjoy now at friv 3 games.

In this fast and epic race, you need to switch cars on the track according to the obstacles. Epic Car Transform Race requires focus and quick driving decision skills. So its time to relax and enjoy an epic car adventure race. There are endless levels and extreme obstacles to make it more interesting and you will never get bored.

Simple but fun, this may be what you want to find in a great game and there are many options like this on our site such as Poppy Arrow and Crazy Boat Adventure.

Instruction to play: 

If you play on a PC: click the mouse to move

If you play on a mobile phone: Click buttons to move

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