Pick A Lock GamePlay:

Sometimes, you lost your key to open the house door, the drawers and so on. What are you going to do? Do you use a hammer or heavy too to break the door or use something requires the patience and finesse like use a pick tool? Let’s learn how to Pick A Lock in the game of the same name at http://friv3play.net/. and you may apply what you learn from here on real life. This puzzle game includes tons of levels.

You will find it harder to pick a lock as you level up because the difficulty increases significantly. Use must boost your hand’s speed while still have to take action accurately. The rule is simple. The number of the lock you have to pick increases along with the level on friv online free. You will see a pink stick moving around the lock and a yellow dot stay still. All you need to do is to click at the right time to make to pink stick stop right on the yellow dot.

As a result, the lock is unlocked. It sounds simple but freaking challenging. This game may give you a mental breakdown. The moving speed of the pink stick will increase and there are more locks you must unlock in a level. It’s the fast-paced madness mission. How many successful locks will you open? Challenge yourself by conquering all levels here. Have fun! More challenges are waiting for you in other games like Celestial Fall and Dreamy Land Rescue

Instructions: Click to unlock.

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