Ping Pong GamePlay:

The sound of the ball touches the racket in the Ping Pong tennis table game is very lively. Friv 3 games for school select this table tennis game for players who enjoy various sports including table tennis. You are ready to choose this game and move the most skillfully so that the ball does not fall out. If the ball falls out 3 times, the game will end. At different levels, you will have to overcome your own challenges.

For example, in the first level, you will be able to easily handle the ball. With harder levels, you have to move the racquet quickly before the ball hits the floor. The balls are moving fast and you have to catch them in this game. Ping Pong sounds fun. The Ping Pong gives players a sense of relaxation when playing online games. After hours of stressful and tiring work, you have many opportunities to relax by playing your favorite online game at our website. 

You can collect your favorite games and share them with your friends. Comparing scores can help you to play the game more confidently. Be ready for new challenges at this game. We also have similar games with other interesting content for you to explore in your spare time such as Master Chess on http://friv3play.net/. Do not miss the opportunity. Be the best player in any game. You will get the best lessons and skills in your game.


Hold down the left mouse button and move from left to right so that the ball does not fall out.

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