Scar GamePlay:

Scar is an awesome shooting game with a simple name and simple rule: become the last man standing that you don’t want to miss. Enthe the thrilling battlefield and compete against other players from all over the world. Everyone comes here with the only goal which is to kill as many enemies as possible and win as many battles as they can. What’s yours? If you set the same goal, let’s get ready to fight.

Here at Friv online free, you are dropped in an open world and the first thing you have to do after landing is to pick up weapons and useful stuff which help you survive and kill other players. However, make sure that you check out the control first before playing to know how to aim, how to fire, how to run and more. Besides, the game allows the player to customize their own character with various items on

Personize your hero as the way you like. Then, you can create a room and wait for other players to come or join an available room and start battling. Cover, run, shoot through your way to gain victory. You must plan a wise strategy to have a great combination of defense and attack to survive as long as possible. The battlefield is large, so you move around and search for your enemies or find a perfect place and wait for them to come to you. How many enemies did you kill in a match? Have you ever won? Good luck!

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Space - roll, WASD - move, interact/parkour - E, switch shoulders - V, cover - Q, class skill deploy - G, melee - F, reload -R, fire - LMD, aim - RMB, scope - scroll up, switch weapons - scroll or “/”.

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