Light It Up Online GamePlay:

Light It Up Online is an enjoyable and challenging platform game in which you can’t win even you reach the finish line. Why? Let’s enter the game world and find out the answer now. At http://friv3play.net/, there are hundreds of levels are waiting for you to conquer. Your mission is to complete each level with at least 1 star. If you reach the finish line without a star, you have to play that level again to unlock the next stage. You play as a stickman. You have to jump over the dangerous traps and slide under the obstacles to keep going and collect stars along the way to complete each level.

On friv 3, collecting all 3 stars is challenging because your character runs automatically. Once you pass by a star, you can come back but run forward. So you must time your jump to get at least one star in each level to move to the next one. The game has stunning graphics with neon styles and amazing sound which make the gameplay even more interesting. Simple to play but hard to master, it’s fine if you have to play a certain level several times.

This game is truly challenging and it’s even harder if you set the goal of collecting 3 stars in each level. It’s possible to make fulfill this goal but you have to spend your time and effort to achieve. How many levels do you get 3 stars? Have a great gaming experience here. Try out more amazing games that once you get in, you can’t get out such as Angry Skulls and Pixel Warfare One

How to play: Up arrow key to jump and down arrow key to slide.

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