Swing Online GamePlay:

With the ingenuity of a thief, this Swing Online game has attracted many players at Friv 3 games for kids. The thief should take the momentum from behind, then he jumps forward. If the distance needed to jump that the player is not accurate, the thief will fall down and the game ends. So you need to accurately estimate the distance you need to jump because you cannot see the path ahead.

The position you have in front can be very narrow. When playing this Swing Online game at Friv 2018 games, you have the opportunity to earn a bunch of gold coins. It is very happy when the thief gets the money. Your main task is to help the thief go as far as possible, to overcome the dangerous walls, skillfully move and get the bag of gold. An intelligent thief will be the winner with the highest score on this road. You are ready for this challenge. We also have other interesting games at Friv3play.net similar to this game like Superdozer

You can spend your free time exploring this exciting game world. Do not be afraid of the first move, you can keep yourself a few tips, fail a few times and win the next. Are you ready to start? The thief is gradually moving on the bank robbery journey. Will you help him? Find other actione games of 2018 on http://friv3play.net/action

Controls: Use your left mouse button and double-click to jump if you play the game on the computer, tap directly on the screen if you play on the mobile.

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