Speedboats.io GamePlay:

If you are feeling bored with one-player games and you are looking for an engaging multiplayer game, I believe that you will not be disappointed to discover Speedboats.io at Friv games unblocked. This game promises to bring players many relaxing and fun moments. Before playing this game, are you impressed by 3D graphics? Are you immersed in the beautiful and lively 3D scene? I was really impressed by the graphic design and motion effects on the screen.

I feel like that I'm on the big sea and I have to fight hard to survive this historic battle. Are you ready to play with me in Speedboats.io at Friv 3 games for free? In this battle, you will control a large warship and your goal is to shoot down all the other ships and destroy all enemies in the sea. Remember that enemies can appear everywhere and you have to focus on watching and being alert in every situation. Drive your battleship wisely, shoot correctly and destroy all other battleships before your battleship will a victim on the sea. 

One more thing, this is a multiplayer game, so the number of battleships will increase unexpectedly and you will not have any targets in the battle. Your task is to survive as long as possible and put your name on the chart. Ready to fight??? Vote or this game and play more with Wormax.io at http://friv3play.net/!

How to play?

The players can use arrow keys or WASD to move

The mouse to shoot, F to fullscreen.

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