Sworm.io GamePlay:

The Sworm .io is known as one of the other exciting versions of the snake game at Friv games online. The worm will grow larger by eating the light spots that appear in the Sworm .io game. This is one of the most multiplayer games on our website. There will be many other worms in the game and your task is to avoid them or cut them to pieces or you too. That is unique in this game.

We also bring worlds of .io games to players around the world. You not only meet and fight against them but also have different ways to grow to be the biggest worm. In addition, players have the opportunity to explore new games similar to this special game like Germs.io. Do not miss the time to discover the latest games continuously updated at http://friv3play.net/. You will not be bothered by ads or other factors when joining any game on the website.

Protect the worm's body and grow bigger, longer and healthier in this game. You can invite your friends or share with them this multiplayer game so they can start exploring and get the highest score. Save some tips that can help you win the game today.


Use your mouse to control the worm, left mouse button to increase speed and right mouse button to cut the worm into multiple pieces, middle mouse button to zoom the screen.

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