Formula Drag GamePlay:

You don’t race against other players in a realistic racing track but test your driving and racing skill by passing through every curve of the road with the perfect drifts. Formula Drag is a challenging and entertaining endless racing game with a unique concept and simple graphics. You won’t use steer or button to control your car but shoot out the string or drift hook at the right time to drift around the corners. Your ultimate objective at http://friv3play.net/ is to drive as far as you can and earn the highest score. Going for perfect drift every time is not simple.

You have to take action at the right time to connect your hook with the yellow point and disconnect it to keep going. An unperfect drift makes you fling too far to the side and hit the wall, this means you have to start the game from the beginning. On friv free games, the key to beat this game is the moment you send out your drift hook to start the turn and the moment you release it to be ready for the next turn. Observe the environment carefully to know what is waiting for you ahead. You should send out a long drift hook or short one depending on the size of the curves.

After finishing each turn, you should make sure your car in the middle of the lane. It allows you to make an easier drift next time. As the game process, you will find it much harder because the speed of your car increases. So you have to react fastly to deal with the upcoming challenges. Simple but fun, this game is one of the best choices that you shouldn’t miss on our sides besides Drive And Park and Crash

How to play: Press and hold to send out your string and release to disconnect.

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