Tappy Swing GamePlay:

Tappy Swing is an online game that you can play on friv 3 for free.

Tappy Swing is another tapping arcade game which is familiar with Flappy Birds. You need to tap the screen at the proper timing in order to live and collect coins by swinging from side to side. This game doesn't have obvious obstacle but when you touch walls, the game is over. Have fun and show your highscore! 

All of our visitors who love skill games online which they can also play on their mobile devices are going to be very happy to see that right here and now we have brought for each of them the game called Tappy Swing, a game with which our administrative team guarantees you all a great time, because we have had a terrific experience with it ourselves, so we knew that adding it here for you to also enjoy it was the right thing to do!

Now, allow us further to explain what you have to do, after which we are sure you will not have problems playing the game whatsoever! The ball that you will control is moving by itself to the right and to the left, and so you have to use the mouse, clicking and holding on the screen to make it go in the opposite direction, but make it so that you don't hit the sides, but instead keep going further up and collect coins, because the more of them you acquire, the more points you get in return, and we have no doubt at all you want a really big score, right? Good luck, and make sure to invite your friends to check out these games also!

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