Zombie Survival 3D GamePlay:

A dangerous virus suddenly appears. People turned into the living dead when they are infected. You are one of a few survivors. You have to complete some missions to save the world. You need to finish in a total of 4 missions in Zombie Survival 3D. You must finish the first mission to unlock the second one, the third and the final one. For example, finding all hidden objects on each map is your first mission. Here at Friv3 action games, you walk through the land full of zombies trying to kill you.

You must be careful and always ready with your gun to kill them as fast as you can while searching for the hidden objects. It’s not easy to find them because you face many dangers. You have to take care of 2 things at the same time. Besides, you are alone while zombies are crowded and brutal. Shoot them down with your gun and a headshot is the best shot because they actually die if shot in the head. But in emergency situations, it's hard to aim and shoot at their heads. On http://friv3play.net/, you can collect many useful items scattered around the map such as armor, med kits, weapons and more.

These bloodthirsty zombies will try to kill you at all cost so don’t show any mercy. If they live, you die and if they die, you live. Are you able to finish these missions? Let’s have a try and good luck. You are always welcomed by tons of games on our sites such as Cannon Hero and Rogue Tail.

Controls: Arrow keys/WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot, Space to jump, Shift to sprint and C to crouch.

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