Pingu And Friends GamePlay:

Once upon a time, there is a cute penguin and his friends love a happy life a beautiful forest. One day, winter comes and it looks like never ends. The snow covers everything. Living creatures in this forest have to migrate to avoid cold and our penguin and his friends are no exception. They don’t leave the forest but they plan to climb to a higher place which is warm and cozy.

Let’s help them in Pingu And Friends at http://friv3play.net. It is an awesome puzzle game suits all ages with a simple rule. You just need to make a penguin jump and stack up as many platforms as you can to help him reach the gold eggs to unlock the new birds. It’s all about the time and balance on Friv 3 Online. These platforms are coming from the left and right side of the screen. You must make the bird jump up at the right moment to overlay the new platform on the old platform without causing it to fall. It sounds pretty easy but really challenging.

With only one misplaced platform and it’s shaken, the stack will fall and the bird will explode. Each platform you stack up successfully worth a point. Your objective is to get the highest score. Easy to play but hard to master, this game brings you joy and relaxing moment.

If you want to experience the game with a little competitiveness, let’s challenge your friends to find out who is the better player. Have fun with more choices of games such as Hit The Glow and Jelly Merger


Use your left click the make the bird jump up.

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