Banana Kong Online GamePlay:

Having a thrilling ride through the jungle and other environments to help our lovely king kong collect as many bananas as possible in Banana Kong Online. This adventure is full of obstacles but this king kong won’t give up because he can’t love without eating the banana. Banana drives him crazy.

Here at http://friv3play.net/, you help this king kong run, jump, even fly with the help of a toucan to pass through the dangerous traps and enemies. Along the way, you need to collect all bananas. If he touches these traps or enemies just a little bit, he explodes and you have to start the journey from the beginning. This is an endless runner game in which you can’t take control of the speed of the character but just make him jump over the dangers.

So, you have to take action at the right time to help him pass through the dangerous things safely on Friv Online. At the end of this world, you will automatically move to a new world. Each world has its own enemies and obstacles. With the bananas that you have collected before, you can use them to buy some new skins for your king kong in the shop. It doesn’t give your king kong special skills but for beauty.

Easy to play but hard to master, this game challenges your flexibility and your hand-eye coordination in avoiding obstacles. You may fail for several times before moving to the new worlds. Enjoy every moment here and have more fun with other awesome games that you don’t want to miss such as Crowd City and Kick The Buddy

How to play:

Use left click to jump and fly.

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