Tap Skaters Online GamePlay:

Tap Skaters Online is an entertaining and enjoyable skating action game that you can play for free all the time at http://friv3play.net/. You may find tons of games similar to this one but it differs from other choices because it’s simple, fun but challenging. It tests your reaction and observation. After starting time runs out, your adventure immediately start. And you have to be fast to skate to the downhill.

The road is straight and smooth. Your journey is to jump from these platforms to those platforms of construction. It’s full of obstacles that you have to try your best to avoid if you don’t want to your journey end too soon. On friv free games, earning as many scores as possible is your main objective. Besides, along the way, you also have to stay focus on collecting coins. Then, you can use these coins to unlock new characters. These characters don’t have any special abilities. It’s just for fun. Just like you own a collection of characters.

If you crash into the obstacles, you lose. Make a jump at the right time to keep you safe. The road is in zig-zag form. You will move from left to right and right to left. The obstacles are at the end of each platform. Make sure you jump at the right moment to go further in this exciting game. Good luck and have a safe journey! Don’t hesitate to click on these following options to enjoy other gameplay such as Storm City Mafia and Hoppy Rushy

Controls: Click to jump.

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